Sexual Problems Assessment

The Sexual Problems Self-Assessment Questionnaire is part of a research and development project; it is unfinished and there are no scoring norms. This web-based instrument is in “beta stage.” It is being explored as a tool to aid in making a comprehensive assessment of sexual issues in women and men.

If you are a clinician who wishes to use or explore this online tool:
We welcome your interest in using the Sexual Problems Self-Assessment Questionnaire. The SPSAQ has been developed to speed comprehensive information-gathering in clinical sexuality services.

To use the questionnaire in your practice, send a brief email about your interest to Be sure to include the email address to which you want your clients’ scores sent. After you receive a confirmation, you will be able to direct your clients to the SPSAQ and have their scores emailed directly to you. These data can guide your clinical focus quickly to areas the client considers problematic.

We encourage you to try out the questionnaire in order to familiarize yourself with it thoroughly before beginning to use it in your work. We also recommend printing out a “dummy” copy of the SPSAQ for reference to the complete wording of the items when reading the results. Click here for information on using the results.

Then, for each and every client you ask to complete the questionnaire, be sure to give them the email address through which the results will be sent to you.

If you are a patient or client completing this questionnaire at your clinician’s request:
You have been asked by your doctor, therapist or other health care provider to complete this questionnaire to aid them in serving you.

This web-based survey will allow you to complete and send your responses by email. If you don’t choose to respond by email, most practitioners working with the questionnaire can provide you with another response medium.

If you have questions about the SPSAQ:
Please direct questions about the administration, content or interpretation of the SPSAQ, or about using the instrument in research or education, to Please direct any questions about the survey web design to

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